List of WMSs- Onshore Pipeline Construction

Method Statements/ Work Instructions  - Pipelines (Crude Oil / Gas / Water Lines)

We are preparing the following Work Method Statements for onshore pipeline construction work activities and deliver them to the Clients according to their specific project needs. 

Note: To prepare the Project specific WMSs, We will be collecting the related project specifications/ Drawings/ Standards/ supporting documents for our reference, from Clients. By referring the Client Documents,  We will be able to input all the necessary project specific data in the WMS and arrange the document delivery via email. 

Pipeline Laying

Method Statements/ Work Instructions for,

1. Pipeline Survey & Right of Way (ROW) Preparation

2. Pipeline Trenching, Backfilling & Compacting

3. Trench Dewatering

4. Pipeline Installation Underground (Stringing, Welding, Trench laying)

5. Pipeline Installation Aboveground (Pipe Supports Installation)

6. Pipeline Field Joints NDT

7. Pipeline Field Joint 3LPE coating

8. Pipeline Cathodic Protection

10. Installation of Pipeline Pig launcher/Receiver

11. Pipeline Hydro static Testing

12. Pipeline Pneumatic Testing

13. Bolt Tightening

14. Pipeline Field Tie-Ins / Golden Welds

and for Welding works, 

1.Welding Procedure Qualification / Welder Qualifications Testing Procedures (ASME IX & API)
2. Weld Material Storage and handling Procedure

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