API Q1 & API Q2 - Quality Management System & API Monogram Introduction

Quality Management Systems - API

the quality management system requirements for organizations that manufacture products or provide manufacturing-related processes under a product specification for use in the petroleum and natural gas industry

Process based management System
Risk based Management System

the quality management system requirements for service supply organizations for the petroleum, and natural gas industry. 

Process based management System
Risk based Management System

API Spec Q2 is the first international quality management system standard for service supply organizations offered by the American Petroleum Institute. Published in December 2011, API Spec Q2, Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Service Supply Organizations for Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries outlines fundamental quality management system requirements that are critical to upstream operations. The industry-written specification applies to critical activities such as well construction, intervention, production, abandonment, well servicing, equipment repair and maintenance, and inspection activities.

Service supply organizations will implement the requirements of API Spec Q2 throughout their quality management systems, creating a larger, more qualified service supply base. Compliant service supply organizations will boast superior quality management systems that control all operational processes, provide consistent results, manage change effectively, continually improve, reduce operational downtime, and increase customer satisfaction. reference: http://www.api.org/

Risk Management Integration into Quality Management System

API Monogram program

The API Monogram Program is a voluntary licensing program designed to facilitate the consistent manufacturing of product that conforms to API standards. The program requires that manufacturers maintain the capabilities, including the resources, processes and technology, to manufacture products that fall within the scope of licensing. The program gives licensed manufacturers an opportunity to mark conforming product so that it is easily recognizable and identifiable in the field.

The Licensee must implement, maintain and continually improve their quality management system to meet the oil and gas industry’s quality management system specification, API Spec Q1. The API Monogram Licenses are only issued after an on-site audit has verified that the facility meets the program requirements. Licensees are required to maintain continued management system conformity to API Spec Q1 as well as the product standard and program requirements.

In order for a license to remain active, the licensee must go through a renewal audit after each 3 year period. All licensees, licensing information and licensing statuses are identified on the API Composite List, an on-line directory. The program requirements and obligations, including use of the mark, reporting on nonconforming equipment, QMS conformity with API Spec Q1, and product conformity with the specification, are enforced through a legally binding agreement between API and the Licensee.

API Spec Q1 : List of Documents - Full Document Package

API Spec Q2 : List of Documents - Full Document Package

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